Venture Essence is a modern media brand.

We explore the essence of human ventures, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We produce content about personalities, brands, trends, business, lifestyle, destinations, and culture.

Venture Essence was founded by Swedish entrepreneur Per Roth and is owned by Wizeman Group.


All the fun, all the time.

Our mission is to create an entertaining experience for the reader while offering insights and resources about ventures and inspiring accomplishments.

We believe in a world driven by human curiosity, where progress thrives through entrepreneurship, knowledge, creativity, kindness, and humor.


Integrity and trustworthiness.

Our editorial content is not influenced by any advertisements or sponsorship deals. Our editorial recommendations are never paid for by brands.

If we ever work with advertising partners to create sponsored content, this content is always clearly identified as “sponsored.”


Curiosity and progress.

Venture Essence was created for independent, intelligent people who share our passion for exploring human ventures and innovation.

Our audience can be found in all age groups all over the globe. The common denominator is curiosity about progress and innovation for today and tomorrow, and enjoying life to its fullest.


Insights and education.

The Lounge is a place where you will find unique content in the form of insights, articles, and educational material, tailored for our readers. The focus is on entrepreneurship, business, creativity, and innovation.